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What is the problem with sugar?

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

To give an idea of how much damage sugar can do to our wealth, we have some numbers: For every $1 spent on sugar, nearly $90 loss is caused by diabetes! (Sugar sales $4.5 billion vs. Economic loss of $330 billion caused by diabetes per year in the US.)

Craving sugar?

When we consume a high percentage of sugar, we will crave it, and it will drain various nutrients. It will cause the pancreas to concrete much insulin to get the sugar out of the blood. Insulin takes the sugar and puts it in storage as fat, triglycerides and cholesterol. So high blood sugar could cause high cholesterol.

When the blood sugar goes up, the whole system starts to create fatigue, and over time, it loses control over the sugar levels.

That is the first step towards diabetes, or pre-diabetic, and it is called hypoglycemia. Its symptoms include craving sweets, irritability, anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder (ADD), hyperactivity.

Over time, the damage increases in the system, developing hyperglycemia, which is called diabetes. Because we do not know how to lower insulin levels, the consequences are high blood sugar, fatigue, brain fog and lethargy.

Once diabetes is diagnosed, because sugar is not regulated, there are many side effects:

It affects vision, and people could get blind eventually because it affects the eye nerves. Also, it affects the circulation in the outer fingertips, feet, and eventually amputation thanks to toes gangrene – it could cause a lot of harmful effects.

Even a little bit of sugar could give rise to insulin, a dominating hormone that can create substantial countering effects affecting fat burn.

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