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"Take a journey with me to
a life without high blood sugar!"

In 1921, a Canadian scientist discovered a medication that would treat diabetes.

Now, 100 years later, Vancouver is set to become the home of a different way.

Clint Cheng

My Mission

I’m Clint Cheng, the Founder of Sugarless.Cafe.

You wouldn’t know it, but I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2014. 


Born in China, I emigrated to Vancouver in 1997. 

I was a confident and driven professional, but unemployment amongst immigrants was high and I struggled with making a fresh start in a new place. With time, and through hard work and perseverance I built my own successful translation business.

Then 7 years ago, like many of you, I sat in my doctor’s office and listened to him explain that I had diabetes. I stared at him, despondent, as he described a life of medication and the possibility of blindness, amputation, blood clots and early death. Life once again looked bleak and I felt helpless.

It was my commitment to lifelong learning that saved me. Journeying back to health in an unhealthy world can be a confusing process, full of dead ends and trip hazards. I pored through material surrounding diabetes and the human body, and I became certified as a health coach with the renowned diet expert Dr Berg. 


Finally, I discovered that the magic pill wasn't a pill at all. The key to reversing my disease was the low carb diet. After 4 months of following this new diet, my blood sugar levels plummeted and stabilized at a normal level! Dubbed the “comeback hero” by my doctor, I was able to throw away my medication and live a full life on a delicious low carb diet.
"This can be your story as well. 
You too can beat diabetes. 
Let me show you how."

I created Sugarless.Cafe to be your simple and organized solution to taking back control of your health while eating delicious low-carb food. It is how I can share my health success with the world.


Here at the Sugarless.Cafe we strive to bring health and vitality within everyone’s grasp.

We provide nutritionally balanced low-carb meals and essential supplements straight to your door so that you never have to worry about your blood sugar again. 


Our team lifts the burden of working out what to eat with our complete solution. We cook low carb food with fresh ingredients and delicious recipes that take the guesswork out of your health. We make it easier for you to reach your health goals from weight loss to combating diabetes.

"Let me lead you down the path I discovered."

I understand how it feels to stare down years of pills, injections, the prospect of blindness, and of less time to spend with those you love. Nobody should feel at the mercy of disease. Together, we can turn the tide of your ill health, relieve its financial burden, reverse diabetes, and give you back control of your life.
With Sugarless.Cafe we can walk this easy path together, a path full of vibrant tastes and colours.

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