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How to Burn Fat Effectively

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Our bodies will first burn sugar to supply energy to our cells; for that reason, we must lower our blood sugar enough to switch the body to fat burning. That process is known as ketosis.

- What we should avoid!

We need to avoid as many carbohydrates as possible in our food intake. Proteins can convert to sugar, and too much protein can irritate and affect the liver, preventing it from burning fat.

"Insulin is the principal hormone that acts like a switch directing our bodies to burn sugar or fat".

Therefore, we have to bring insulin low enough to help fat burning. Fat is neutral in triggering the fat-burning process, so we do not have to worry about fat intake if we want to burn it through the hormone system.

Consequently, we have to reduce carbohydrates, take moderate protein and more fat in our meals, and avoid a high glycemic index or insulin index. That is called a low carb, high fat diet, or LCHF.

Taking vitamins, especially B and K in whole foods, and minerals, including potassium and magnesium; it is so important and recommended through low carb diets.

Besides food, vitamins and minerals, it is also advised to implement an adequate amount of exercise and good sleeping; meanwhile, we would reduce stress.

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