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Losing weight has never been more fun!


What We Do

Ready To Eat

We cook the most delicious low carb food in town, using fresh ingredients and nutritious recipes that provide the best results in people's health. 

It requires extra effort and time to achieve our health goals; that's why we want to make sure it will be easier for you. Whether it is losing weight efficiently or controlling your blood sugar, let us do the cooking for you!

What People Are Saying



If you have diabetes, as I have, you care about your diet. I discovered a  cafe that caters to diabetic diets. The Sugarless Cafe focuses on a low carb and ketogenic diet, which also helps with weight reduction. The fresh ingredients are carefully selected.

Instead of using sugar, they use erythritol, which is calorie-free, and it costs a bit more but well worth it.

All the dishes I have tasted are delicious, and you can see the ingenuity through the cooking and plating. I recommend spicy chicken and boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chilli.

The Cauliflower fried rice here is fantastic, with ingredients such as eggs, crab sticks, stir-fried meat, cucumber and radish.

I would imagine that all the other dishes would be just as tasty. This cafe is the place to be for people with diabetes and those who care about their health. 

- dpuser_1207389776

Meet The Founder!

Clint Cheng

"For the last seven years, I can regulate my blood sugar levels by following a low carb diet without medication.
My mission is to let everyone who needs a healthy diet know that they can have tasty and nutritious food delivered right to their doorstep"

Clint Cheng, Founder & CEO


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